Woman in opera gloves, crying.
Three sisters posing for a glamour shot, covered in blood.
Nude woman with a raw steak headdress, lounging in fabrics while sticking a knife in her thigh.
Woman's hand reaching for tipped-over bottle of milk that is lying in the grass, with a garden hose beside it.
Woman wearing a sling around her head that is holding frozen peas. She is wearing a white, sheer nightgown and has a bit of blood dripping from her mouth.
Portrait of a woman with rosy cheeks. ​
Nude woman  with blue pubic hair and bright pink labia sculpted out of taffy, beside a platter of shrimps, sardines, a halved boiled egg, and a martini.
Close-up of a person covered in blood, holding their face.
Woman in white go-go boots, fingering herself with her rear lifted. Dark, black pubic hair and bright red labia sculpted from taffy.
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